Opportunity to Learn and Grow

In my short couple months working for Plum Dental I have felt very welcome. I have been able to work in a variety of offices and always felt like my efforts are appreciated. Being right out of school, many of my peers had found that because of the young age our views were not necessarily heard. However, this is not the case with this company. Everyone has been very kind and have helped me with whatever questions I may have. I have been able to learn a vast amount at the front desk which expands my professional abilities and I am very grateful for that. Although I have only been working at Thames River for a short period, it feels like a place I can grow.

A Wonderful Experience

It has been a wonderful experience for me becoming part of the Plum Dental Group.  I have learned so much and have grown so much in my field.  Doors have been opened for me and the possibilities seem endless.  Every day I learn something new and really feel part of an excellent team of professionals.  I’ve been trained on the job to work with Specialists in Periodontics and Endodontics and can only benefit from those experiences.  Shifts are made available for me to pick up at other offices when available which is a plus.  I’m proud to be part of this group!

34 Years of Experience

Being in the dental profession for 34 years and having much to compare to, I feel fortunate to be working with such an upbeat, down to earth, highly professional group of people.  Working with Dr. Rogers and watching her awesome chair side compassion with patients makes me want to refer all my friends and family here, not to mention she is a very good dentist. I am happy to assist her and feel confident that our patients are getting 100%!

Patient Care in a Hometown

Being a dentist in this multi-office group practice allows you to experience the best of both worlds.  You can work in & deliver patient care in a hometown, family based dental office where the staff & patients often know each other from the community in addition to the dental office.  At the same time, you reap the benefits of being part of a much larger group.  Those benefits are truly countless, but some of the best include worry-free vacations (other docs available to cover or treat emergencies), easy access to other general dentists or specialists for second opinions or referrals, and having a true “work family” that supports each other in every aspect of patient care & life in general.  Those advantages also translate into benefits for our patients who in turn receive the highest standard of care in a really pleasant environment.  Our secret sauce is really “us” & maintaining that team based approach where everyone is willing to go the extra mile to help their coworkers & patients will be critical to continuing to provide the best patient care & positive work environment as our group continues to grow.

Compassionate Caregivers

Throwback to the summer of 2014.  I was putting in many extra hours of my own time to set up our practice for electronic submission of claims including pretreats to Delta. Because we weren’t really equipped, we were not digital, I bought a scanner and had to figure out how to submit, which was like sending a negative of film.  While I was spending more time in the office, the doctor was spending less.  He and I had always thought we would walk out in the sunset together in retirement.  But in August of that year, a purchase offer was presented, and retirement was in his vision….and rightfully so.  He was ready, and the time was right.  But what about me…I wasn’t ready!  So the next several months took me on an unpaved journey….a path I had never traveled alone.  There were scary moments, well lots of scary moments……So I had to decide if I would be part of the future of the “new” practice. But before that…I had to be assured they even wanted me…

Before the sale was finalized I watched people I had never met before coming into the office I managed for over 30 years.  People making decisions on all the changes to be made, contractors, computer company, new staff….was this still MY work home?  I was terrorized watching people who knew what they were doing, while I did not…..and yet, I was fascinated.  People much younger than me…so skilled and so knowledgeable to take the practice in a new direction.  I knew then that I wanted to be a part of the future of this office, not just the past.  I knew I had so much to learn.  It was exciting and yet humbling.  I had immediate friends in the Plum team….they admired my people skills and had such confidence that I would be an asset.  That trust instilled the confidence I needed in myself.

So when the sale was complete on January 14, 2015, I became an employee of Plum Dental.  That first year was tough…I was often filled with self-doubt….but I always wanted to go back the next day.  I was so fortunate to be surrounded by a staff that was so willing to teach me and support each other as we figured out together how to make this a great dental office.  I can say today with tremendous pride that I am so proud to be among some of the most skilled and compassionate caregivers in the dental industry.

Changed My Life

It’s hard for me to express how working for Plum Dental has changed my life without getting emotional. I can truly say that I love my job and the people I work beside. I know that there are a lot of people in this world that are not as lucky and can’t say the same thing about their job or their employer. Plum Dental Group of Wickford was my second employment as a dental hygienist. Before I started working for this group, I was employed at an office that was not so pleasant and I disliked going to work. Now, I’m so happy with where I work that it has spilled over into my personal life. When I was first hired, I was a part-time employee, but that quickly developed into a full-time position. This was life changing for me since I am a single mom with a teenage daughter, who, let’s just say, likes the finer things in life. My knowledge of dentistry as well as my hygiene skills have grown tremendously during my time here. It is nice to be recognized for what I bring to the table. I have recently been given the position of hygiene mentor which enables me to pass on my enhanced skills to our other hygienists. Knowing we are making a difference in the lives of our patients gives me great satisfaction. I am privileged to be part of such an amazing team and I am so excited for the future.

Cohesive and Customer Service Oriented

Cohesive and customer service oriented, being a part of the Plum team has been a blessing to me. Working alongside peers who value their patients as individuals, who possess true caring and empathy for them in all aspects not just dentally, is a gift. The world is rapidly becoming robotically focused on the end result of a thing instead of the forged relationship between patient and clinician. It gives me great satisfaction to have my employers demonstrate continually that it is all about the person. What a comfort to know that there is a group such as theirs consisting of highly skilled professionals who are committed to their craft with a shared heart for the people they treat and those they employ.

Surrounded By Excellent Clinicians

Deciding to work at Plum Dental is one of the best decisions I have made. I am so grateful for all the opportunities and experiences that they have provided me. Working at the Plum Group has provided me with a work family. I am surrounded by excellent clinicians to learn with and from. We are able to constantly challenge each other to find new ways to provide the best possible care to our patients.

The Plum Group provides patients with comprehensive dental services with the highest standards of care all while treating them like family. I am a caring and ethical provider who’s number one priority is the patient. I have a calming chairside manner. I am committed to providing the highest quality of care to our patients and I have a strong desire for the office to succeed.

A Life Changing Experience

Working for the Plum Dental Group has truly been a life changing experience.  I have been fortunate enough to have nothing but good experiences during my career as a dentist, but I can confidently say nothing comes close to the experience I have had with Plum. I feel blessed to work with a group who have the same goals and commitment to dentistry as myself.

37 Years of Practice

Having been in practice of over 37 years, I finally decided that the time had come to reduce my working hours and spend more time with my growing family.  I am most fortunate to have turned over my practice to the Plum Dental Group.  I am also fortunate to be able to continue practicing dentistry on a reduced schedule.

The Plum family has built a reputation for providing excellent dental care over several generations and I felt that my patients would continue to receive that same excellent dental care that they have come to expect. from me.  Most importantly, they have displayed an extremely caring attitude toward patients and staff.  In short, my relationship with the Plum family has been most positive and I continue to look forward to a rewarding relationship for years to come.

Worked in Several Offices

I have worked in several different dental offices since I came to RI fourteen years ago. I have finally found “my home”. I work with some incredibly talented, hardworking women who I respect and get along with. I feel these are the qualities that run a successful practice. If there is a special “secret sauce” to our success, it is the fact that we all know we are not perfect but strive to be and know the importance of building each other up and moving forward to improve ourselves. We all want what is best for our patients and work well together. That really says it all for me as I feel everything else comes together nicely if those values are in place,

I feel privileged to work for Plum and I can say that my coworkers feel the same way.

A Distinct Privilege

I have had the distinct privilege of working with Dr. Kimmel for most of my career as a dental assistant. I also have had the excitement of having a new practice come and join us and work with Dr. Marcus Capalbo. I can say that working from both sides of the spectrum has given me nothing but pure enjoyment, challenges, and a pleasant work day EVERY day!

The parts of my job I love most and that both of my employers truly support is the ability to truly care for my patients and to help them from start to finish. I am a very strong believer that compassion and empathy are the first steps to great oral health care. When yo have not been to the dentist in a few years. And also if you just don’t have that smile you want, or deserve! This is completely supported by our amazing dentists, at Thames River Dental. Like I always say to my patients “We will get you back on track”, and you what; it is with great pride that I can say we truly do!

I can also speak for the dental care here on a personal level. When I was growing up, dental care was not as advanced and cutting edge as it is now. Because of that, I suffered many unnecessary extractions, but that was no hurdle for me, Dr. Marcus or Dr. Kimmel. I have had implants, bridge work and crowns which all look beautiful and I can proudly say I get more compliments on my smile more than ever and I can eat comfortably and with no issues.

I am proud to work at this office with my dentists, my colleagues and most importantly, my patients. Our patients are what make our day and what makes us come in everyday with a smile and make us leave with one as well!

Working for the Plum Dental Group

Working for the Plum Dental Group has truly been a life changing experience.  I have been fortunate enough to have nothing but good experiences during my career as a dentist, but I can confidently say nothing comes close to the experience I have had with the Plum’s. I feel blessed to work with a group who have the same goals and commitment to dentistry as myself.

At first glance, an outsider may think that working for the Plum’s is similar to working for any other dental office, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The opportunities that have been presented to me far surpass those of any other office. The commitment to continuing education, ability to have study groups and discuss cases with other dentists/specialists, and the steadfast dedication to constant improvement, make working with/for the Plum’s untouchable. My knowledge and career has grown exponentially in the past two years and I look forward to all the future may bring.

In my opinion, the most enticing quality the Plum dental group has to offer is their commitment to quality care for patients. In today’s world it is so easy to let quality diminish in replacement for financial gain, but I can confidently say that this has never and will never happen with the Plum Dental Group. Their dedication to helping providers give the best care to their patients is rare and something that I hold closely to my heart. I cannot express my gratitude enough to be a part of this growing team.

My Experience

My experience working with the Plum Group has been positive and rewarding overall.The decision to sell a practice is a difficult and soul-searching experience. Do I want to keep working, how will I handle being an employee after all these years, will I be bored? For me personally, it was a way to relieve myself of the administrative burden and still practice clinical dentistry.

The preliminary discussions with Dr Mike Capalbo were relaxed and informative. We agreed on what we both expected and then these were nicely transferred into the final agreement. Since transferring ownership, a new computer and digital x-ray system were installed and implemented. This produced the usual “growing pains”, but now 4 months later all is good. New administrative systems have been implemented to increase efficiency and enhance the patient experience. My desire to continue practicing was a good decision as I feel more relaxed in my day to day patient care. The group has allowed me to keep the personality of the practice and doesn’t interject more than is necessary for practice efficiency.

The addition of Dr. Beaulieu has also been a welcome change for me and the practice. Our patient care style and temperament match very nicely and have allowed for expanded treatment hours. Their choice to match him to this office was well done. When all is said and done, the important part is the patient care, not me. The transition has been a good one due to their dedication to quality patient care and experience. Glad to be on board!

Beginning My Career

I began my career at a wonderful practice in North Smithfield. The doctor encouraged the hygienist to use their time wisely and educate their patients not only on perio condition, but also in overall treatment and to address any patient concerns. We were encouraged to “think outside the box”. To this day, whenever I see one former patient who I convinced to give up her maxillary partial for an eight-unit beautiful bridge, I still get an “I can’t thank you enough and I love my smile”! That’s what makes my job SO rewarding! Unfortunately, the one area this office lacked was a solid perio treatment plan for patients and those would be referred out to the periodontist or would return for more frequent recalls. When the practice sold, it was time to move on.

I came to my present office eleven years ago and started with the previous owner. At first, we had a perio program in place but due to scheduling issues, all future perio issues were referred to the periodontist. Since Plum took over, quality patient care has greatly improved both restoratively and periodontally. We are now treating the entire mouth! And yes, it has been a challenge to “step up to the plate” but also very rewarding. The Plum Group could take their motto from the Army (“Be all that you can be”), which is an exciting position as a hygienist.

I love the improvements to office, both in the technology and the office atmosphere and appearance. The staff is warm and friendly which is a comfort to new and old patients. Most importantly, the staff works as a team not only on patient care, but also in the minute details the keep the office running smoothly.

Working for a dentist

After working for a dentist for over twenty years, I was concerned about any and all changes that would take place once the Plum Group bought the practice. They have been wonderful in transitioning everyone. They honored the existing holiday and vacation package that I had previously had which was very generous. They have also been very supportive in granting anyone leave for family emergencies. It is nice to have a large network of employees that can help find coverage. Another great benefit they have implemented is that they offer a great 401k match program with profit sharing. This is rare in today’s workplace and is very much appreciated.

Working for the Plum Group have given me the opportunity to continue to work within the same practice. The Plum Group seems to share my same philosophy with regards to high quality patient care. I enjoy working within a network of colleagues who are always ready to offer assistance if necessary. I look forward to participating in the continued growth and improvement of the practice.

The Plum Group utilizes the appropriate technology and current concepts to deliver quality dental care. This makes it easier for me to provide a pleasant experience for our patients. I have always worked hard and put my patients’ needs first. The Plum Group has allowed me to offer a positive patient experience through their structured approach to patient care.

A Dynamic, People-Oriented Organization

I have been working for the Plum Dental Group for more than two years as a specialist within the group. I knew immediately that was a great fit when it started with a good old-fashioned handshake deal. The Plum Dental Group is a dynamic, people oriented organization with a patient centered focus while also supporting professional growth and social team building for their employees. The phenomenal support that I have received in the forms of specialized equipment, training, flexible scheduling and outstanding communication have made it a very rewarding place to work.

The team at Plum Dental with whom I have the pleasure to work with is a testament to what people can accomplish when they work together in the interest of the patient. It is a busy, upbeat family practice that maintains a small town dental feel where patients are known well by the staff and feel like a family when they walk in. Their experience from the moment they walk in the door is one of warmth and compassion. It is extremely rewarding being a part of this effort. As an in-house specialist, I love being able to offer specialized care in the comfort of an office where the patients feel familiar and comfortable. I believe it is the best model of practice to have a group practice where specialized care can be coordinated in-house and more efficiently and communication with the in-house referring dentist is easy and convenient.

I have had the opportunity to work in a patient centered style of practice group setting as a military endodontist for thirty years and feel that Plum have struck the perfect chord of providing outstanding and comprehensive care for the patients while providing a fun and rewarding place of work for their employees.

Working for Plum Dental

Working for the Plum Group has made it possible to be exposed to new technology and to use it. I must say that I have been very happy to learn new skills and see that it will make my job easier and easier over time. The new technology has afforded to opportunity to present patient needs, track results and be a more valuable and explicit clinician. Emotionally, it was difficult at first to grasp the new skills in the beginning, however, I now feel much better about myself. There is personal growth in mastering new skills. These things happened through the persistence and patience of my mentors. Therefore, I am thankful to have had them accessible.

Professionally, I have always been very mindful of the need to have a much better tissue management program in our office. I am happy to say that due to the game plan set forth by new guidelines and objectives that Plum Group emphasizes, I can see the attainment of these goals being actualized.

The patients have been given the opportunity to step into 2017 with a new outlook on dental treatment. In addition to being introduced to new technology and updated dental diagnostics while enjoying the familiar faces that they have grown so accustomed to trusting in the past. People like familiarity and are happy to learn and be guided by the trusted staff that they are comfortable to being treated. Dr. Beaulieu has been a wonderful addition to our office. His easy-going character, wise advisement to patients and good attitude make him an ideal follow up to Dr. Barry. We have always been a family practice that put the needs of the patient first and have not just thought about the bottom line. Dr. Barry has been a wonderful dentist that continues to present the best in dentistry. Dr. Beaulieu models his objectives well which are an integral part of the success and continuity of the practice. Good will makes it work. There is a great deal of competition in the state of Rhode Island.

I have a great deal of experience in working with the dental community. I not only have a dental hygiene degree, but also have a four-year degree in Business and Speech Communication, along with many life experiences. I have help, and still hold a number of seats on dental associations. The most current being the CCRI Advisory Counsel for Dental Hygiene. I understand the politics that exist in the state of Rhode Island. I have my local anesthesia license, though I do not use it for my job, and obtain an open-minded attitude toward continuing education. I also have the enthusiasm needed to be a vital part of the team.

A Recent Hire

As a recent hire, I can tell you what attracted a 37-year dental hygiene veteran to Plum Dental Group. I was brought in as a temporary hygienist and within the first two weeks, I was invited to attend the yearly company meeting. When I heard the compassion from other employees on how patients were treated, I knew I wanted this job. I found a working environment where people are happy! As a team, we work together and focus on our patient’s care. The bottom line is we do the right thing. It may be hectic at times, but we put our patients first. It’s nice to work at an office where hard work and team attitude are appreciated and rewarded.

Plum Dental Is One of a Kind

Let me start by saying I’m a newbie coming into this practice, but just in my short period, I love how it’s all about what we can do for the patient, and that each office really tries to work all as one. I’ve never been in a practice that really works as one big team, family and everyone helps everyone. I love the fact that we have what I like to call “A One Stop Shop”, not only general dentistry, but endodontics and cosmetic, periodontics and oral surgery so that if any patient needs anything the practice as a hole offers the patient the best service. I have gone to three different offices, I can say that I loved them all, being treated like a team player and going out the way to help me in any way. While I haven’t’ met all the doctors yet, the ones I have had the honor to work with are professional, kind and compassionate and have the best of the patient needs at all times.

I feel that my past experience and my multi hats are an asset to this practice, but I love how they are always willing to learn and train us with the most current of any dentistry and always looking to improve and ask our thoughts and value our input. I can say being in the dental field since 1997, the Plum Group is one of a kind. I could say so much more because truly this is an amazing group to work for and I’m looking forward to growing with this talented team.

Focus on Patients

The Plum Group’s main focus is patient’s health and awareness and by having up to date equipment, patients are put in the right hands for proper diagnosis. Patients trust our practice regarding treatment, costs and just the simple fact of putting them at ease. The more knowledge they are provided with makes them know the Plum Group cares for their well-being and that they are comfortable with all dental procedures. Above all, patients come first and they are their main priority.

The Plum Group has given me confidence and realizing I am able to accomplish my position as a team leader. All the positive comments and energy from everyone makes me know I am part of a team. I am enjoying getting to know and learn from my new co-workers and Dr. Beaulieu. The future is bright!

Plum Dental Group

I feel the Plum Dental Group has given me a job with dependable hours that has made me more financially stable not only for me, but for my children. Not only do I think the Plum Dental Group has helped me financially, but I think they financially help our patients. I think they do this because we give our patients the best dental treatment possible at a reasonable cost that allows them to fit it in their budget. We have different types of payment plans and options that allows them to spread the payments over a period of time, this way they don’t have to come with the whole cost and get to have the best treatment! The Plum Dental Group has also made a positive impact by teaching me new skills that I’d probably never utilize in any other office and get me to expand my dental assisting skills! Working for the Plum Dental Group has been such a positive experience for me. I have working at one practice for twenty-seven years and going into this transition was nerve wracking and overwhelming, but everyone at the Plum Dental Group has been welcoming and extremely helpful. I know that I am appreciated for the daily work that I do and it makes me motivated to learn other tasks to help me be a better team leader. I am looking forward to the future and new opportunities to be had with the Plum Group.

Dental Offices

Dental offices are defined as a building with rooms inside that deliver health care to patients in need of dental care. The Plum Group is not just a dental office. We are a family who care for our patients like they were our own family members. I can really say that the patients I see truly matter to me. I may still be new here, but I have gotten to know my patients.

When I first started here, everyone was very helpful, kind, smiling and really genuine. I have been with Plum for over a year and the atmosphere is still the same. Plum really cares about their employees and they really appreciate all we do. I mean my second full week of working here, we had a beach day! I remember meeting Dr. Mike for the first time at the beach party and he said to me “I really appreciate all you guys do and this is a day for you guys to enjoy yourselves and just say thank you”. I was speechless. No boss I have ever had had actually said those words!

I work for the Scituate office. My work family here is great. We all believe in the same thing. We want the best for all of our patients. We all work as a team. We try to push each other to meet our goals and we encourage each other be better at what we do. I feel that I am a positive person and goofy at times. So, I always try to liven up the mood, give a compliment when one of my family members does something great and help out when they need help. Dr. Marcus is a very kind person. I really enjoy working with him. He is very easy going. He is really nice with all his patients. He has a dog named Elsa that he sometimes brings to the office and she is a sweetheart.

When I am at work, I make sure that I am there for my patients 100%. I do not have my phone with me, I make sure that stays in the lunch room. I make sure that I read the notes in the appointment before bringing the patient back, Sometimes the front desk will leave us notes there regarding the patient. Managing your time during work hours is key, I try to do this. I do chart review at the end of my day to make sure what is in the appointment is correct. It also allows me to know what to expect the next day. For example: if a patient is having a crown on the upper right and there is a filling near the area, I let the patient know we can do that as well. I also try to look at days ahead and call patients on the unscheduled list, help confirm patients, or make sure patients are scheduled when their cases come in on my down time. Sometimes I help out at other offices too. That is fun to do because I get to meet other people and learn new things. That is one thing about working for Plum that I love, I am always learning something new and am never bored. It’s fun working here!

Another thing that I love is that we really do accommodate patients to make sure they know they are first. We even help patients when finances are an issue. We really love our patients and our patients really love us. When I am with patients, I make eye contact when they are talking and make sure they know that I am listening to what they are saying and make sure they leave my operatory understanding what treatment is needed. We do this by showing our patients visuals, such a digital x-rays, intraoral photos or models. Reassuring them that you are listening and always smiling makes a difference. A genuine smile goes a long way.

I hope the Plum Group and my dental family know how much I appreciate them and their kindness. For anyone coming into this group, I can write you a story on what our “special sauce” is, but your really have to see for yourself. And when you do, be prepared to have a life changing experience in a good way.   It was scary for me at first to try something new. I am glad I did!

What makes your office so special?

If I were ever asked, “What makes your office so special?” The first thing I would say is “Take a seat because it could take a while….” Here is what my answer would be:

First, I feel like I have a special place in this group because of my experience in our Scituate office. I worked for Dr. Peter Campbell for 10 years and not only developed personal relationships with many patients, but our patients trust me because of our long history. When the Plum Group purchased Dr. Campbell’s practice and I was fortunate enough to return, I felt like I was coming home. I truly love my job and all our patients are a huge part of that for me. They know I will take every bit of time they need to understand what they need, the cost, and how we can make it happen.

Second, the team we have is above and beyond the best people I have ever worked with (and I have been in this field for over thirty years). The Plum Group sets the bar high regarding patient care. There is a lot expected of each employee. And I am not talking about our team being the Scituate office. I am speaking about the WHOLE group! I could call Wickford, Wakefield, or Johnston and get any help I need because we all feel that we all want every office to be the best it can be. Our managers encourage us to support each other. One day our Wakefield office contacted me and asked for help. My manager sent me there to help train and added that if they needed any additional help at any time, she would also send me back again and again. So, for me that said: 1.) my co-worker trusted me enough to teach her, and 2.) my boss had the confidence in me that I could.

Thirdly, let’s get to the doctors… Not only do these docs keep up on all dentistry and do superb work…they are so great to their employees. How do you keep an employee? You treat them well. As we grow as a group. Our doctors count on the staff as much as themselves for each office to thrive. We are all given goals and training on how to be the best we can be for our patients. This training is priceless. We all are in it together, and the doctors appreciate how hard we work for them. With that said, the Plum Group values their employees by offering 401k, paid vacations, and bonus incentives, which makes us want to work hard every day.

And finally, for me what makes us so special is “us”, my co-workers. I go to work knowing I am heading to a place where people care for me. They are the kindest, most loving people I could ever work with. I am fortunate to work for the Plum Group and blessed to call them all my friends I was at an office where my hours were being cut down and it was affecting my family and me financially. I was very fortunate to have found the Plum Dental Group. They saw that I really loved what I do and how much I care. So really, I thank them for allowing me the opportunity to work for this group.

Love What I Do

What makes me love what I do? Plum Dental Group has been my first job in a lifetime of working in dentistry that makes me feel appreciated, valued, and where efforts I make are appreciated. I fell encouraged to tackle new skills and take on new tasks and try to give it 100% because I know how hard work is rewarded with not only recognition, but bonuses. Ideas from our team are always welcomed and considered. My peers (at other locations who do my job) offer helpful hints, support and encouragement—we help each other out. Going to work is easy when you witness the quality of dentistry and compassion our doctors and team members give to our patients—even the most difficult patients. Patients always comment that we care about them as people and not just as patients. I feel the same way! Plum Dental makes me feel like they care about me personally and not just an employee. I hope I bring this practice as much enthusiasm, loyalty, care and compassion that it gives me!

Working for the Plum Group for just a short time now they have made me feel that I am part of something special. Each day I come to work knowing that I am appreciated and supported by the entire group. Thanks to all their help, the transition period was challenging but smooth, giving me more confidence than I thought possible. I am truly happy to be part of the Plum Group and I know I will be a great team leader as we move into the future. In looking ahead, together with the support and leadership of the entire group and my willingness to learn, I see a bright future with room for growth.

The Plum Group shows their patients that they genuinely care about their dental health by providing excellent patient service at the front desk and top shelf dentistry. We provide a pleasant personal atmosphere for their treatment along with state of the art equipment. Our patients are completely informed, therefore confident, that all their dental needs are met with expert precision.

My twenty-eight years for dental office administrative experience and exemplary work ethic shows that I am a valuable employee. My efforts managing the office helped ensure a smooth transition while maintaining a strong relationship with patients, new and existing. I look forward to learning new procedures and anything else to help me continue my career with the group, so our practice will thrive while providing the ultimate dental care for all.

In a nut shell, I’ve met some of the most amazing people so far and have forged some friendships that I know will last a lifetime, also Dr. Brett Beaulieu is a tremendous addition to our practice and I can’t wait to see what will come in the future!

The Plum Dental Group

The Plum Dental Group has helped me achieve a sense of accomplishment and stability at work and at home. The doctors and staff have made me feel like a valued part of the team which has increased my sense of self-worth. I truly enjoy my job.

The Plum Dental Group continually strives to educate staff whether attending seminars of implementing new technology. Patient care and health is a priority in our group. It is wonderful to have access to dentists with different specialties within one group. This makes easy transitions for patient care.

Joining the Plum Dental Group has been a wonderful experience. I am honored to belong to such a terrific team, or rather family, and thankful that we employees are offered multiple financial benefits for the Plum Group. Profit sharing, 401k match, and performance bonuses to name a few. Working with such a generous group has changed my life. I am thankful to be a part of this team.

Dental Studies

When I began finishing up my studies at dental school, I have no true inclination from a business perspective as to what it was that I wanted to do. All I knew was that I wanted to provide the highest quality care for patients, and I figured the most foolproof way of doing so was to surround myself with colleagues who felt the same way. It wasn’t very long after my initial meeting with those at Plum Dental Group and a few days of shadowing in the Ocean State that I felt I had found a group of people whose professional objectives aligned with mine.

I can’t overstate the benefits I have enjoyed in joining this group. One advantage of the group being multiple practices is that I can chat regularly with colleagues in offices other than mine. I have discussed and been exposed to a breadth of different treatment options and each doctors’ experience with them, in turn allowing me to determine more readily which option will provide the best long-term outcome for the individual patient. Being able to communicate this way, office to office and colleague to colleague in an invaluable tool.

On the flip side, each office operating on its own provides benefits as well. Patients continue to feel as though they are visiting the local, neighborhood dentist and I’ve yet to hear one complain about being “just a number”. Each office operating essentially on its own allows the standard of camaraderie that is built amongst those that work together on a regular basis in the traditional dental office manner.

At the end of the day, each dental office is in this together to improve the overall health of the patient. Across the country, multi-specialty practices are thriving from a business perspective and I’m happy to see the Plum Dental Group is forming a similar concept. By being able to refer patients to specialist that stay within the group, it is easy to track and therefore complete ideal treatment plans on a case by case basis. This is a model that leads to overall improvement from a healthcare perspective for the region and I’m glad to be a part of it, doing the best job that I can in my community.

25 Years In Practice

I had been in my practice for 25 yrs. when Plum bought it.  It was very hard for me because the dentist I had been with had been diagnosed with lung cancer.  They were very accommodating to all of the employees by leaving all our benefits the same-vacation time & salary.  This was huge!   Any other corporation would have started you like new employees by reducing the benefits.

The transition wasn’t always easy, but the focus on updating equipment and the practice of dental hygiene & dentistry is a priority.  The patients in our practice are receiving the best treatment possible because of the team effort that is strongly evident.  I have grown professionally as a hygienist due to the opportunities offered in a larger practice.

Working for Plum

Working for Plum Dental Group gave me a new lease in my career and the field of dental hygiene. It challenged me to break out of my slowly dying “box”, to grow, expand my knowledge and continue to improve my skills. I have developed a new excitement in the job and career I love.

Plum Dental Group provides each patient with individualized, compassionate care; striving to achieve overall good dental health through education, preventative care and quality, cutting edge restorative treatment.

I am the “hometown girl” element in our team. I have lived, raised my family and worked in this town for twenty-nine years. Coming to this practice, I was able to bring a very large, loyal following of patients which I consider my family, as I have spent most of my career treating them. I have the advantage of knowing these patients, their families and have earned their trust with my honest, compassionate care. I know this town, I take great pride in Scituate and Scituate Family Dental’s part and reputation in it. I care about the little things!

Plum Practice for 3 Years

I’ve been at the Plum practice for the past 3 years. When I first started working for Plum Dental, I was impressed by their strong emphasis on improving patients’ dental health while simultaneously encouraging their staff to do the same. Because of this, the team dynamics are very strong and I always feel comfortable reaching out to my colleagues across any of our offices to ask for assistance when needed. With everyone’s encouragement, our team continuously grows as we share new ideas with each other to better the patient experience.