Plum Dental stands with the Black community

Posted on Jun 3, 2020 by

As we slowly stand back up from the weight of the pandemic, new weight has been added. I’m talking about the killing of George Floyd and the rage, protest and riots that have followed. It can feel like the world is burning around us. Like the pandemic, responses to this will vary and unfortunately, it’s just another supremely negative factor that burdens our psyches. But hopefully, it also brings with it more awakening to inequities that exist and allows each of us to glimpse what it could be like to be someone else. 

How we treat each other matters. We are all human. We all have the capacity to feel the same wants, needs, and emotions.

Let’s take care of each other. Let’s take care of our patients.

We are here for you and we grieve with you, however it is that you are grieving. Please reach out to any of us if you want to chat.

Stay safe and be well,


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