Plum Dental Doctors Expand Volunteer Support for Dental Lifeline Network RI (DLN-RI)

Posted on Aug 30, 2021 by

Plum Dental doctors in Rhode Island have committed additional volunteer support for the Dental Lifeline Network RI (DLN-RI) and the organization’s Donated Dental Services (DDS) program. Through its DDS program, DLN-RI provides free, comprehensive dental treatment to Rhode Island’s most vulnerable people with disabilities or who are elderly or medically fragile – a group who cannot afford necessary treatment and cannot get public aid, including many veterans that are ineligible for dental assistance through the VA.

Several of Plum Dental’s doctors have participated in the Rhode Island DDS program over the years. The Plum leadership team has announced that its network of dentists will expand support this year to provide services for the DDS initiative in over 10 locations across the state. Rhode Island’s program is spearheaded by the Rhode Island Dental Association in partnership with DLN, and together Rhode Island dentists and labs have donated over $7.5 million worth of comprehensive donated treatment for 3,173 people since 1989.

According to Rhode Island periodontist Martin Nager, D.M.D., DLN-RI Board President, these are people who slip through the cracks… and Rhode Island has many of them. The patients simply do not have the financial resources, insurance, or government entitlement that would allow them to receive dental and oral health care and would not be seen without the help of DLN’s important program.

“There are things that you and I take for granted—the ability to chew food comfortably, the absence of pain, a pleasant smile,” shared Dr. Nager. “On behalf of these people, thank you for your commitment to the Dental Lifeline Network Program. I feel GREAT that Plum Dental will be associated with our great program.”

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